Saturday, January 2, 2010

Carmen electra. Pics...

Carmen electra. Extra Pictures:

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A? for men Why should constantly look at other women when their marriage? I have said that they were not dead, dumb or blind. My husband tells me all the time because we like to look. If an attractive woman who does not bother me if it looks when prefereably isn't me dont bother me magazines, or TV in their constant search of naked women that I do not get. You see these women and note that it is not much, but when you are happily married, why make us feel that someone who wants his wife why more and more difficult to prove what your eyes. I see an attractive man, but I realize I did not check out while my husband is with me. I am attractive not have to look poor to get men to notice most of my time in jeans and shirts. But I'm still trying out.Wouldnt you you be mad at their wives if they were always looking for other kids all the time? Just want to make sure its not a sign that he is losing interest in me will never be Carmen Electra just want you to stop looking so should I worry?
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